Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cendol & Candy Ice ( Sg. Petani)

After something solid, lets go to something cooling and guess what, SP also have ok..not just in penang.
This is what we call proud of what we have at our own hometown. Cendol are not easy to find around in sp but you should be able stumble upon this in town. Located at Gluttony Street with all the great food there but we'll talk bout this first.

 Cendol - RM1.60

 Candy Ice - RM 1.60

For one bowl of candy ice and cendol that is only RM 1.60 is reasonable and cheaper than the one in Penang Road. Sorry to say, the cendol there is nice but not worth the hype. It's better here in sp. The red bean is made by themselves and they even have the old machine. How cool is that?? You hardly find it anywhere now.

The uncle caught me taking picture. Oops..

 Price List. Cheap eh..

 Old machine a...Classic one k..Got "antique" touch..

The stall use to be run by an old uncle. That day didn't see him, think it is now run by the son and daughter. Poor girl, can't eat coconut, had to have the candy ice. Candy have jelly inside it and with the shredded ice. The jelly is really boucy and sweet and soft. The way to kick that heat away on a hot day. Yums!

Poor girl. Had to eat the candy ice. Can see the Singh uncle behind there? HA!
He also like a..

The best thing bout this stall is that there is not many crowd like the one in Penang Road and you can drive by and eat your cendol in your car. Something like a drive through. But that's just inconsiderate la. Park your car and walk to the stall la, so many car parks. Oh ya, didn't talk bout the cendol. The brown sugar coats everything very nicely on the ice. Not only the red beans are made by them, the green cendol as well. Authenthic, pure and real cendol. Mouth watering d? Come try lo..haha..

She enjoying candy ice. =)

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