Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wantan Mee ( Sg. Petani )

Our first food is coming out from the conveyor belt!!! Hehe!! Here it is!
This is the famous wantan mee in SP that people here is talking about. It starts early in the morning about 7am and it finishes by noon time. After that hour, you cannot get it anymore. It is so famous that you have to take number. Haha! Like going to see the doctor. This one is not to say that the wantan mee so bad that you'll get tummy ache but cause many people till have to take number. To avoid all that, come early. It is located near SP's industrial area. So, early morning people going to work will drop by for breakfast.

This is our number at about 7.20am but we didn't have to wait that long. Just the same usual time you order food but I'm not too sure about 8 or 9 if you have to wait longer. Alright, let's talk bout the wantan mee. Presentation wise, it's the same as any other wantan mee. You'll have noodles, sprinkles of spring onions, fried lard, wantan (pork dumplings), slices of roast pork and pickled chili to go with it. I assure you, it's one of the local food you have to try when you come here. The taste cannot be compared to anywhere else. I would go for another bowl. Hehe! The wantan skin is smooth and according to my girlfriend it's like "slurpp" when you eat the wantan. Haha! =) However, the wantan is rather small.

Look at the sad face. The wantan so small.

 RM 2.80 - small ; RM 3.60 - big

The 'uncle' busy preparing. No time to talk.

Resturant Tian Tian Liang, Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani.

The wantan so nice that other stall not so famous but will try the food next time. There's one 'uu char kueh' at the restaurant that's nice also but that will be on another post. More to come. =)

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