Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saliva rolling out from your mouth already?? wait la..nothing posted yet..hehe...=)
more and more will come then that time I give you napkin la k.. Here I will be your food tester. I give you an illustration la ya. Back in those days, the king has a food tester that taste the food for the king to make sure that the food is not poisoned. Well, basically I'm trying to say that in this blog you are the KING! haha..
Poor me, food bad means I ma die lo..

Anyways, I won't be the only person posting the food that I have tasted but my girlfriend will post what she have tried as well. Here's a fact, she know's more bout the food than me. I just know how to whack only.HAHA!! Well, we compliment each other la but we both enjoy food. So, mutual la, you don't have to give us "gold" because we are your "food tester" we also just enjoy food lo.Win win ma. So, wait for food to roll out from the conveyor belt your ma-just-tea!hehe!

This one is our complimentary paddy so that you can enjoy later when its ready to harvest.

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