Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blended Jagung (corn) & Milo ( Sg. Petani )

ok..it's been awhile since i write anything..been busy lately with exams and assignment..but what I'm going to introduce to you will quench your thirst..making me lau nua ( drooling )..it's call blended jagung (corn) & milo. Where can you get it, Sungai Petani la..The shop is located at the town center at the bus station (Intercity Bus Station), it's among the row of shops behind the bus station right next to the river.


There are many other choices as well and equally good. Yet to try the rest but the ones i tries were awesome.
The jagung blended and milo have the authenticity of flavor and not the colouring of fruit. You'll be able to taste every corn that is blended in your mouth as well as the milo ( local chocolate drink).

Milo Blended - RM 2.00

Jagung Blended - RM 2.00

For that price, it's all worth it. You don't get this anywhere else, not that I know of. Reasonable and generous with the ingredient. My mouth are already watering writing this
The shop.

Nice le..hehe..=)

Other drinks.

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